Find lost inheritance left by your ancestors in financial institutions and change your life

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Ever wondered if your family held a fortune, forgotten by time?

Lost bank accounts or forgotten financial products with an unclaimed money. Many of these belong to owners who have passed away, moved, or haven’t been reachable for years, leaving financial institutions without a way to connect with potential heirs.

According to statistics, each 6th person has unclaimed inheritance
left behind by their 
ancestors but is unaware of it.

WIOLP is the only platform where you can find and claim your lost inheritance in any part of the world and connect with the relevant financial institution.

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1. Financial institutions join WIOLP

Banks and other financial institutions partner with us to securely share information about unclaimed money in bank accounts or forgotten financial products (dormant accounts). 

These accounts are gradually disclosed by the financial institutions themselves for a limited period of 1 to 5 years, giving potential heirs like you a chance to find them and claim your rightful inheritance before the funds are transferred to the government.

Every year, a significant number of new unclaimed accounts are added to our platform, ensuring the database is constantly updated with the latest information.

2. You search for dormant accounts

Simply enter your ancestor’s names into a search form, and our powerful search engine will scour the database to show you all accounts you potentially might be able to claim.

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3. You contact financial institution to claim found account

When you find a potential match, we’ll send you an email with detailed information about the account and contact details for the relevant financial institution. Simply connect with them and provide the information from our email to begin the process of verifying your identity and claiming your inheritance.

Start now and find your lost inheritance

Why should you be the one looking for your lost inheritance?

Because we all have ancestors with a past. Some traveled for work or moved, build a successful life, others thought about the future and their descendants, or just saved money and you don’t even know it.

What if you are an heir? It’s more likely than you think.

Imagine discovering the lost inheritance of your ancestors in the form of lost bank accounts or forgotten financial products.
It could be an amount that changes your life and financial future.

Imagine the possibilities: a dream vacation, a debt-free future, buying a new house, or even the start of a study for your children.

Don’t leave your financial future to chance.