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Are you an heir seeking to find a lost patrimony or a financial institution looking to responsibly manage dormant accounts?

Connecting financial institutions and heirs to reclaim lost inheritance

Welcome to our worldwide platform WIOLP, where we bridge the gap between financial institutions holding dormant accounts and rightful heirs seeking their lost inheritance. Our mission is rooted in reuniting unclaimed assets with their deserving owners, ensuring a seamless and efficient process for both financial institutions and individuals.

Our purpose

At WIOLP, we recognize the intricate complexities surrounding dormant accounts and lost inheritance. Our purpose is clear – to connect financial institutions with heirs and heirs with their lost inheritance. We understand that over time, financial ties may become obscured, and rightful beneficiaries might lose track of their inheritance. That’s where we step in, utilizing cutting-edge technology and a robust database to facilitate the rightful reunions.

How it works

Our streamlined process begins with financial institutions entrusting us with details of dormant accounts that have eluded rightful claimants. We meticulously compile this information into our comprehensive database, which serves as the cornerstone of our platform. Individuals searching for unclaimed assets can access this database, exploring its contents to identify which account might rightfully belong to them.

What sets us apart

Security: Safeguarding sensitive financial information is our priority. Our platform employs robust security measures to protect the privacy of both financial institution and individuals.

Transparency: We prioritize transparency at every step of the process. Our user-friendly interface allows individuals to track progress, from search to reclamation, fostering a sense of confidence and control.

Efficiency: Our technology-driven approach expedites the search process, minimizing the time it takes for rightful heirs to reconnect with their patrimony.

Global Reach

WIOLP operates worldwide, allowing any financial institution to join. 

At the same time, it allows people from all over the world to search the database and find the relevant financial institution where the dormant ancestral account is located.

Join us

Whether you’re a financial institution looking to clear your dormant accounts responsibly, or an individual keen to discover your rightful inheritance, WIOLP is your trusted partner. We stand at the intersection of financial institutions and rightful beneficiaries, propelling lost inheritance back into the hands they were meant for.


Contact us and we would be more than happy to discuss the details of our cooperation.

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