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Start by registering for a membership. Upon registration, you’ll receive your login credentials and can begin searching for your lost inheritance using your name or the ancestor’s name.

Registrations depend primarily on the person of the recorder, the period, the place of origin, or the language used. Therefore, when searching in the records, we recommend checking all data and various combinations of first and last names, e.g. Johanne/Janos/Jan/Joannes, or e.g. Rakoczi/Rakoczy/Rakocy, or e.g. Forgach/Forgacs/Forgac. Additionally, some records included second names, so consider combinations of names like e.g. Anna Maria, or e.g. Yves Edgar.

Every spelling variant you find can lead to new discoveries. Never stop searching, because you never know what you can discover. Always stay curious.

If you need more information about your ancestors after registration provides access to helpful tips and steps to guide your search and to find information about your ancestors.

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